Microblading vs. Microfeathering

What is the Difference Between Microblading and Microfeathering?

A common question we get asked here at Hairy Little Things is, “What is the difference between microblading and microfeathering?”. The answer simply depends on what your brow goals are!


Microblading is for our 90’s babes out there who went a little too crazy with their tweezers. The microblading process involves placing strokes over your entire brow area to create fullness and shape. Someone who is a perfect candidate for microblading is one who wants a full brow reshaping, symmetry work, and fill-in as the strokes are placed closer together compared to microfeathering.




Microfeathering is typical for those with already naturally full brows, but want an extra “oomph” to fill in those random sparse areas and ditch the brow pencil! Microfeathering subtly adds strokes in the brows for more fullness but doesn’t change the natural brow shape. This results in the most natural look possible. Microfeathering requires a 4-8 week second-session, just like microblading!



If you are torn between which service to choose from, feel free to email us a photo of your brows to experience@hairylittlethings.com or DM us on Instagram @Hairylittlethings

All Things Lashes

Effortless, low-maintenance beauty routines are our jam! Nothing gets you out the door faster than an iconic lash and brow duo. You're probably wondering why everyone in LA is obsessed with them, and if you already are, you've probably also never looked at mascara the same!

How It Works

Hairy's resident lash artist Jenna Alvarez begins each appointment with an in-depth consultation to your ultimate lash goals. Jenna offers various signature lash services ranging from keratin lash lifts to classic and hybrid-volume extensions.

Myth buster: Eyelash extensions and lash lifts do not damage your natural eyelashes, when done properly by a licensed professional. Natural lashes go through a natural shedding cycle every 28 days, just as the hair on your head!

Eyelash Extensions

The eyes are styled with your personal preference, eye-shape, and natural eyelash health in mind. Giving you the length, curl, and volume you're looking for. Classic extensions are individually and meticulously placed on each natural eyelash. Hybrid volume extensions are a mix of 50% classic individual extensions, and 50% hand-made volume fans for lightweight and comfortable volume. For your full set, classic extensions take 1.5-2 hours and hybrid-volume appointments take up to 3 hours. To maintain your fluffy new lashes and get the most out of your appointments, return for maintenance fills every 2-3 weeks for best results.

Keratin Lash Lift

Your natural eyelashes are brushed onto a silicone rod that has been sized specifically for your lashes, and adhered with a water soluble glue. Once lashes have been delicately brushed back and separated, lifting, setting, and keratin treatments are applied. From start to finish, your service takes about an hour. Resulting in beautifully curled natural eyelashes that last anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Lash Lifts require zero long-term maintenance and are perfect for our babes on the go who love an ultra-natural look.

Before Your Appointment

Please arrive free of eye makeup/mascara, or arrive 10 minutes early and treat your self to a lash bath at our Lash Bath station located in the salon. Time spent by your artist removing eye-makeup cuts into your appointment time. Be prepared to keep your lashes dry for 24 hours after your service for best results.


Whether you favor extensions or lash lifts, it is crucial that your fresh new lashes stay completely dry for the first 24 hours.

For happy, healthy lashes be sure to cleanse daily. Deep clean your lashes using an oil-free cleanser to remove any natural oil/dead skin or makeup residue. Jenna carries both eyelash extension and lash lift safe makeup remover and cleanser products here in our LA salon.

Eyelash Extensions

Avoid oil-based products on your eyelash extensions, as oil breaks down the glue bond causing your lashes to shed at a more frequent rate. Avoid contact with direct heat, i.e. an open flame. Avoid mascara, especially if it is waterproof.

Lash Lifts

Lash Lift appointments must be spaced 6-8 weeks apart. After avoiding water for the first 24 hours, your lifted lashes are safe to come in contact with oils and mascara.

Voila! Lashes so good, you'll have to do a double take.



All Things Microblading

Microblading has become one of the hottest beauty procedures, but many clients still have burning questions about the process. In this blog post, Hairy will address a few questions and common misconceptions about microblading!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup service for those looking to reshape their natural brow or to create a whole new look. A microblade uses small blades that deposit pigment into your skin to create natural, hair like strokes. 

How Long Does Microblading Last?

It all depends on the after care of the client as well as their skin health. Since microblading is semi-permanent, it is subject to fading over time as it is exposed to the sun as well as exfoliating products like retinoids and acids. Overall, microblading lasts between 1-2 years and a touch up is recommended once a year to keep those strokes looking fresh and crisp! 

How Can I Prepare Before My Microblading Appointment?

  • Try to avoid caffeinated beverages prior to your appointment, trust us, we know how hard that is!

  • Avoid tanning or sunbathing three days before your appointment

  • No chemical peels or harsh exfoliating treatments for at least a week before your appointment

  • Avoid using Retin-A/Retinoids (Vitamin A derivatives) and Botox for one week before the procedure

  • Avoid taking fish oil, vitamin E, Aspirin, and other blood thinners for at least one week before the procedure

  • Get your workout in! Getting sweaty before your appointment will give you peace of mind since you can’t sweat for 7-10 days after you get your new brows!

What Can I Expect After My Microblading Appointment?

There is no one-size-fits all with the healing process as each client heals in their own unique way. In general, microblading takes about 7-10 days to heal before it can get completely wet without disturbing the healing process. This includes heavy exercise and sweating, showering, and swimming. It is important to put a thin layer of aquaphor on your brows when you plan to hop into the shower to give your brows that extra barrier protection. Some of the most common experiences clients have post-microblading include:

  1. Tenderness in the eyebrow area, feeling similar to a sunburn

  2. Redness around the eyebrow area

  3. Swelling

  4. Thickening and darkening of the area 1-2 days after the procedure

  5. Moderate to thick scabbing 3-4 days post-procedure

  6. Flaking of scabs 7-10 days post-procedure

  7. Once all scabs have flaked off, the pigment color will fade by 40-60%. They may look grey at this point, which is completely normal

  8. After the eyebrow area has fully healed, between 4-8 weeks post-appointment, a touch-up is necessary to secure the foundation of the pigment.

  9. Now you have beautiful brows that you can show off and maintain with your yearly touch-up!

Trust The Process